FAQ - My PopUp Studio

Can we use our own Props?

You can definitely use your own props we offer our a la carte services to better suit your event or use or all inclusive package and add your props too the ones we will bring

What is the minimum timeblock we have to book?

Photo booth: The minimum time block that can be booked is 2 hours that includes having a attendant to make sure everything is operating and that everyone is having a great time. Photography: Minimum Time block would be 2 hours and would include our trained photographer coming to your home and setting up and taking care of the photoshoot (setup time not counted against 2 hours)

What is the deposit?

Photo Booth: $150 Non-Refundable Deposit Re-Scheduling required 48hrs prior to event subject to availability

Photography: $100 Non-Refundable Deposit Re-Scheduling Required 48hrs Prior to photoshoot

Can I pick and choose what to upgrade?

Of course you can. We aim to be customer centric. So let us know what you envision and we can help make those dreams a reality just keep in mind that we require any changes to be done 48 hrs. before the event or photo shoot

What size do the pictures Print?

Photo Booth: We offer 2 Sizes that are available standard 4x6 and old school 2x6 strips

Photography: We Can Print in any size including Canvas, Poster Size's we will also give you the digital media for personal use and will sign off copyrights for you to print for personal use

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